Hayes Solos Raffle

MIT Media Lab, 20 Ames St. E15-350, Cambridge, MA 02139    617-253-0185   hayes (at) media.mit.edu   web.media.mit.edu/~hayes


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Media Lab Cambridge, MA.
Ph.D. candidate, Media Arts and Sciences. Tangible Media Group.
Master of Sciences, Media Arts and Sciences. June 2004. Tangible Media Group.

Yale University,
New Haven, CT.
Bachelor of Arts, Fine Art. May 1996. Concentration: Sculpture.
Cum Laude, Distinction in the Major.



Research Assistant, Tangible Media Group, MIT Media Lab. 2002 - Present. Research and development of tangible computer interfaces.
Founder, Rafelandia design studio.
1999-2002. Industrial and graphic design studio serving consumer industries. Clients included LeapFrog Toys, Sony, Covad DSL, Ditto.com, Supracor, Tanya Starnes (Attorney), Babcock and Brown (Investment Bank).
Engineer, San Francisco Exploratorium.
2001-2002. Exhibit design and fabrication.
ZOOB Toys concept and design.
1995-1999. Co-developed and co-designed award winning ZOOB building toy system from original concept through manufacture.
Director, Design Department, Primoridal, LLC. 1997-1999. Directed in-house design division of Primordial, LLC. Developed educational methodologies for teaching with ZOOB via print and video mediums. Designed promotional ZOOB packaging with clients such as Disney Corporation and GAP Kids.
Graphic Artist and Research Assistant to Robert Farris Thompson, Ph.D. 1996-1998. Created supporting art for Thompson’s articles in journals such as African Arts magazine, and Res 32 (Harvard Symposium of Anthropology and Aesthetics). Aided in primary source research and created photo documentation for graduate student seminars comparing West African and North American indigenous architecture.
Founder and Designer, Yale Corinthian Yacht Club Merchandising Division.
1993-1996. Created a brand ID for the Yale Sailing Team. Designed merchandising paraphernalia and created a revenue-building division for the Yale Corinthian Yacht Club.



Raffle, H., Tichenor, J., and Ishii, H. Super Cilia Skin: A Textural Interface, Textile: The Journal of Cloth and Culture. London: Berg Publishers. 2004.
Raffle, H. Topobo: A 3-D Constructive Assembly System with Kinetic Memory, Master's Thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2004.
Raffle, H., Parkes, A. and Ishii, H. Topobo: A Constructive Assembly System with Kinetic Memory, Proceedings of Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2004), (Vienna, Austria, April 26 - April 30, 2004).
Maynes-Aminzade, D. and Raffle, H. You’re In Control: Streaming Video, Maxim Magazine Belgium, November 2003. Maxim Magazine Russia/Ukraine, November 2003. Maxim Magazine USA, August 2003.
Maynes-Aminzade, D. and Raffle, H. Interaktives Pissoir, bild der wissenschaft, September 2003.
Raffle, H., Joachim, M., and Tichenor, J. Super Cilia Skin: An Interactive Membrane, Proceedings of CHI 2003.
Maynes-Aminzade, D. and Raffle, H. You’re In Control: A Urinary User Interface, Proceedings of CHI 2003.



Show Me Yours: a presentation of recent work in the School of Architecture and Planning (MIT). 2004. Cambridge, MA.
Collision Six: Senses.
2004. Group exhibition. Art Interactive. Cambridge, MA.
Artbots: The Robot Talent Show.
2004. Group exhibition. The Mink Building. New York, NY.
Cyberarts 2004.
2004 Ars Electronica interactive art awards exhibition. OK Centrum, Linz, Austria.
ARS Electronica Center.
2004.One year installation, Topobo. Linz, Austria.
Wired NextFest. 2004. Wired Magazine international technology exhibition. Fort Mason Center. San Francisco, CA.
Collision 5. 2003. Boston Cyberarts Festival at the MIT Compton Gallery, Cambridge, MA. Group show.
NewFangle 2002. Herbst International Exhibition Hall, San Francisco, CA. Group show.
Hypercollision 2002. MIT Museum. Cambridge, MA. Group show
Exploratorium “Prepared Exploratorium.” 2001. San Francisco, CA. Group show about perception and sound.
Exploratorium “Chain Reaction.” 2001. San Francisco, CA. Group show curated by Arthur Ganson.
Yale University. 2001. New Haven, CT. Alumni exhibition.
University of California at Santa Barbara. 1992. Temporary outdoor installation.



iCampus. 2005. Microsoft grant award to extend our education research with heatproof system.
ARS Electronica 2004, Honorable Mention, Interactive Art. Topobo.
Design of Interactive Systems Interactive Design Awards. 2004 Honorable mention, Topobo.
I.D. Magazine Annual Design Review, 2004. Design Distinction, Student Work, Topobo.
LEGO Fellow, 2003-2004. Fellowship for Research at the MIT Media Lab.
MIT Media Lab, 2002-2003. Fellowship for Research Assistantship with the Tangible Media Group.
I.D. Magazine Annual Design Review, 1999. Design Distinction, Consumer Products, ZOOB toys.
University of California at Santa Barbara. 1992. Merit Scholarship.


Lectures and

Bio Art. 2004. MIT Graduate Arts Forum. Panel discussion of artwork and research.
Boston Museum of Science.
2004. Presentation of research (Topobo).
Cooper-Hewitt Summer Design Institute 2004.
Workshop: Reinventing Froebel's gifts. New York, NY.
2004. Lecturer, workshops on design of tangible interfaces. Valencia, Spain.
2004. Presentation of art, design and research to internal R&D groups. Bedford, MA.
Interaction Design Institute Ivrea.
2004. Presentation of research (Topobo). Ivrea, Italy.
International Symposium on Human Factors in Computing Systems.
2004. Presentation of research. Vienna, Austria.
Tufts University.
2003. Center for Engineering Education Outreach. Presentation of research. Boston, MA.
LEGO Corporation.
2003. Presentation of research. Billund, Denmark.
Ars Electronica Futurelab. 2003. Presentation of research. Linz, Austria.
School of the Museum of Fine Arts. 2002. Visiting speaker in sculpture department. Boston, MA.


H. Raffle, A. Parkes, H. Ishii. Pending: Physical Modeling System To Create Three-Dimensional Forms and Manipulate Them With The Aid Of Computation. Provisional application filed April 20, 2004. A construction set consisting of active and passive components that can be assembled to create things that move, like animals and skeletons. MIT Media Lab.

H. Raffle, D. Maynes-Amnizade. Pending: Methods and apparatus for detecting the presence, intensity, trajectory or location of a liquid stream. Formal application filed Dec. 10, 2004. Sensors attached to a flexible membrane input the position of a liquid stream to a computer. MIT Media Lab.


Materials and

Precision Machining Mill and Lathe (CNC and manual), LaserCam, Water Jet Cutter.
Forming and Joining Injection Molding, 3D Printing, Vacuum Forming, Welding (TIG, MIG, Arc and torch), composite construction, finished carpentry, carving, modern finishing techniques, various casting techniques.
Electronics Experience with basic analog circuit design and construction, motors, various electronic sensing technologies, basic microcontroller programming and interface with hardware, and a variety of cameras (video, still, digital, analog),
Materials and fabrication Steel, Aluminum, bronze, wood, acrylic, delrin. Industrial resins, rubbers, foams, composites and thermoplastics.
Printmaking Woodblock, Intaglio, photoengraving, serigraph, offset lithography.


Software Skills

Mac and PC expertise.
Graphics Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark, InDesign.
Web Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, HTML.
Video iMovie, Media Cleaner.
CAD/CAM Vellum Cobalt (3D modeling), Rhino (3D modeling), Featurecam (CAD/CAM toolpath generation), Protel (printed circuit board design).
Programming Languages C.
Other Word, Excel, Acrobat, Project.



References are available by request.