Current Assignments for MAS 863, How To Make (Almost) Anything:

3D Modeling:
Jellyfloor 3D model (Cobalt), Jellyfloor rendering1 (jpg), Jellyfloor rendering2 (jpg), Jellyfloor movie (quicktime)
Anemone-corel draw, Anemone-cobalt, Anemone-jpg 1 glass/metal, Anemone-jpg 2 glass, Anemone-jaw test corel
3D Modeling Diatribe and Folding Tutorial

Semester Project Proposal:
ZUI conceptual overview
Sketch 1, Sketch 2, Sketch 3

Extracurricular Fabrication:
Jelly Form Fabrication 10/9/02

Pic Programming:
Pic Code for controlling the position of a servo based on an analog input
Photos of my display - Currently photophobic - contracts in response to light

CAM machining/FEA:
Photo of my tuning fork, Ansys model showing deformation and stress analysis, Ansys animation of deformation and stress analysis (avi - 863KB), Ansys db file (13 MB)

Analog Electronics:
Video of my project (Quicktime 2.4MB), Photo of my breadboard, Photo of my schematic

3D Printing & CAM:
Photo of my first 3d print (birdie), Cobalt File of Birdie (1 MB), STL file of Birdie (3.4 MB)
Photo of my second 3d print (dodecahedron), Cobalt File of Dodecahedron (15 MB), STL file of Dodecahedron (5.6 MB)

PCB Design and Manufacturing:
Check out all the fancy things I've learned about using the Roland Mill to carve circuit boards designed in Protel.

The Jelly Form sculpture uses an audio preamplifying circuit designed by Gian Pangaro. Pressure on the surface of the Jelly Form locally increases the volume of her voice, so that it seems to follow you as you touch or walk on her. The current voice-modulating circuit lives on a breadboard that is wrapped up in tin foil like a burrito. It is noisy and fragile. This PCB will replace the breadboard circuit.

This circuit modulates an audio signal in response to resistance changes in four FSR sensors. FSR's decrease resistance in response to mechanical pressure. In this circuit, a stereo input signal is split across 4 preamps that each change volume in response to an FSR. The four outputs are run through two typical stereo amps and speakers.
Protel File, Protel PCB File, CAM File for Modela Mill, Photos of my PCB.

Final Project:
You're In Control (Urine Control)
Play while you pee! With You're In Control, the urinal knows your every move. Strap on the custom Game Controller and have a squirt at the flying hamsters. Hit them all for the high score. Improve your aim and improve your game.


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