hayes raffle
some art in the house and why i have it
mas962 september 14, 2003

in the living room...
a painting of a butterfly
a photo of ice pancackes
a stamped and painted relief
3 butterflies in a box
4 postcards
a print of poppies
a mask of an animal
a painting of some ducks
a beaded bottle
a woven basket on a woven rug
a mexican urn
an nkisi nail
an african fertility goddess, wood, beaded
2 african masks
a wooden rocking horse
a painting of a woman my grandmother made
a painting of masks
a world of nails in a box
a memorial to my grandfather
an old animation cel behind broken glass of a scene through a broken window
two woodcuts of a boy and a girl
six photographs
3 paintings by paulina
a postcard of a painting
an etching of a tree
rachel's footprint
a carved happy pig

in the hallway...
a devilish mask
light puddle
a calderish mobile to shade the light puddle
a painting by a swiss woman
in the dining room...
a soviet american serigraph from the 50's
a painting in a church by my grandmother
rachel's and my ketubah
2 wodden reliefs of peasants
a glass vase
2 bamboo bowls
a japanese lunchbox
a couple more african masks
a hammered copper vase

in the bedroom...
united hammers
2 japanese paper prints - one of leaves, one of a leafy landscape
some indian puppets

in the kitchen...
a copper hand
a bunch of postcards
a green vase
a poster of a japanese woodcut
a poster of a kahlo painting
electronic painting
a bunch of photos

in the bathroom...
a woodcut of cherry pickers
a poster of a rivera painting of a woman holding cala lillies

we have all of these things because they make us happy. they hold memories and associations and feelings and are beautiful.