my first favorite idea from the work of other students:
an illusion of control


I like tad's poopy mouse because i used to live with poopy mice. I had to kill a family of poopy mice when i moved in to my old home and tore out the sub flooring. it was kind of amazing, and traumatic. His applet gives me an illusion of control of the narrative - a nice touch. His mouse poops often, and irregularly, just like my mice did. I only wish there was a small family of mice, like those poor baby mice lost at the end of 200 feet of zigzagging tunnels chewed by their mother, who tried so hard to find her family a safe home. Oh, the poor mice. I was ripping up the strandboard flooring and revealing these tunnels - 10 feet at a time - chewed through the ceramic foam insulation under the floor. I heard the mice scream, saw them run, but just had to keep on working. As I finally made my sweaty, dirty way in to the darkest back corner of the studio, i exposed the nest to find six newborns and their scared, brave mother fearing for their lives. What was I to do? I lifted the foam insulation from around them, exposing their vulnerable half-inch bodies to the bare environment. Using my flat bladed shovel, I scooped up the lot of them and threw them in the corner of the yard to fare their best. Am I a murderer? Yes, probably. I deserved what they left me: a scattered mess of poop.