my tenth favorite idea from the work of other students:
slow actions and reactions


Environments react slowly. Like Carlos' cloud and snow applets. Slow actions and reactions are important for a number of reasons. I value patience. I like watching sunsets. In a point and click world, I am sometimes glad to have to stop and wait to see the results of my click. Now, Carlos was thoughtful enough to let me immediately know that I had clicked correctly: I get some immediate feedback. But his images become undone slowly, irregularly and beautifully. Most things in nature have resounding effects on their surroundings and Carlos has conveyed this to me. I am reminded of the ripples of a stone in the pond, the bouncing of a tree branch let go, a gust of wind across ripply water. His creations evoke environmental interconnectedness and a physical distance that can be evident in the slow falling of a snowflake. At the same time, they are abstracted interpretations of natural phenomena, showing me a creative mastery of his medium.