my sixth favorite idea from the work of other students:


Ouko's cosmic shell device is both crazy looking and beautiful sounding. This contrast makes it compelling. I want to wear it. For two reasons. One: I like the sound of the ocean, whether it's the roar of the freeway, white noise from my cloudy head, distant crashing waves, or reverberant echoes through beige tubes. I like that it's very silly looking on my head because I can feel confident that Ouko is serious. Ouko's attention to craft and detail help me to take his fragile-looking device seriously. I am reminded of woven fibers like palm fronds or raffia and think of nature. This contrast makes it interesting and intruiging, because many times the most interesting thing about a piece of art is the part you don't see, but must understand through inference or other forms of understanding. In this case Ouko makes that-which-is-not-seen the subject of his piece.