my seventh favorite idea from the work of other students:


Josh reappropriates a hand-lettered alphabet for computer typesetting use. Reappropriation is beautiful for many reasons. Perhaps you're a hippy and love recycling. I'm not a hippy, so I'd like to talk about more specific reasons that Josh's reappropriation of type is an important idea. Josh has recycled a nice letter set here. He has completed the job, too: his letters are addressable with software, just like this typeset you're reading right now (he's not just hand-waving; he really *appropriated* the type set). On a more theoretical note, reappropriation must be acknowledged to be at the heart of artistic effect, since the artist motivates the viewer by facilitating associations for the viewer. That is, the art is not about what the artist sees, but what you "see" in the art. All meaning is tied to memory, and thus the product of association. Reappropriation is simply an overt association of an object or idea from one context to another. QED.