my eighth favorite idea from the work of other students:


Framing. Hugo framed his hexagonal box beautifully with green, white and yellow strokes. Frames evocative of the loteria card on my refigerator. I like framing because it allows Hugo to accentuate the architecture of his box, and to create pattern with a simple motif. I find his aesthetic use of framing to accentuate his graphic style well, reminiscent of mexican art and architecture: strong and simple, highlighting the artist's touch in the finished product. Furthermore, it makes each panel of his box - both on the inside and outside - a focus of attention and allows him to use repetition to develop a motif. I am reminded of playing cards, card houses and cardboard models as his lines seem to flatten the panels of the box into simple elements of an assembly that has been given new context by the hand of the artist. His framing both constructs and deconstructs his box, an appropriate approach to accentuate the "craftiness" of the assignment.