mas962 : last project idea.




all of these images represent projects that are about transience and subtle transformation. The blue sky turns white, the lines curl like a lock of hair, the pasta heats, softens and stretches with tention. The red dots waver in the flowing air, and the orange dots vibrate like a piece of sheet metal or watery pool.

for my final project i'd like to connect the red dots and the orange dots. my hope is to get a little better at programming and learn how to make my orange dot array (or one like it) respond to two kinds of stimulation: images and touch. i'll begin with mouse clicks that cause ripples of movement to spread across a pool of graphical dots and reveal an image through varying amounts of movement rather than color or tone. if i really get crazy, i'll try to get the serial input thingie going and use something more specific than a mouse, like breath or wind.