Hayes Raffle ... Research, Design & Art Projects ... 2002 – present

  research + interaction design art works
Jabberstamp is the first tool that allows you to record sound, voices and stories in your drawings made on paper.   Jabberstamp shows at Art Interactive gallery for the Collision Ten show.
Sound of Touch is a muciscal instrument for real-time exploitation of the physical environment.
  Light Puddle shows at the Hartford Atheneum as part of art+science symposium "Imaging Body & Mind."
Topobo 3D constructive assembly system embedded with kinetic memory. Check out this video Interview about the system!   Flirting fishes is an art puzzle I carved from solid aluminum.It makes a great toy since you can arrange the fish in so many poses.
a I taught an Interactive Toy Design Studio to MIT grad and undergrad students.   Light Puddle and Topobo at the Threads show. Artspace Gallery, New Haven, CT. 5/13/06 - 6/29/06.
a Getup Blocks is a toddler's game
about rising and falling.
  Applause interactive video installation at Art Interactive Gallery and Stata Center Balcony for Collision 7: chance.
a You're In Control (Urine Control) interactive gaming system.   Time Glass 9/11 memorial design.
fuzzmail Fuzzmail gives your email emotional breadth.   You're In Control shows at Art Interactive Gallery for Collision 6: Senses exhibition.
cilia Super Cilia Skin tactile/visual communication interface.   Topobo wins Honorable Mention, Interactive Art at Prix Ars Electronica 2004 and has one-year exhibition at the Ars Electronica Museum.
jiggi Jiggi 3D modeling and visualization interface.   rugweather and red dots: weather expressed as sculpture and software.
      Light Puddle at the Collision 5 show, Boston Cyberarts Festival, 4/28/03.
      Hypercollision Art Show, 11/1/02 - 11/4/02, MIT Museum, Cambridge, MA.
      NewFangle Art Show, presented by GenArt San Francisco. 10/17/02 - 11/16/02.
          Jelly Form Installation, Herbst International Exhibition Hall, San Francisco, CA 10/17/02 - 11/16/02. Jelly Form Fabrication, 10/3/02.



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